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Saturday, 31 August 2013
The Winning edge

The Winning edge

  "Develop the winning edge; small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results."
- Brian Tracy

In order to get the winning edge, we need to strive for excellence, not perfection. Striving for perfection is neurotic; striving for excellence is progress, because there is nothing that can't be done better or improved.
All that we need is a little edge. The winning horse in the race may win with 5-to-1 or 10-to-1 odds. Do you think he is five or ten times faster than the other horses? Of course not. He may only be faster by a fraction, by a nose, but the rewards are five or ten times greater.
Is it fair? Who cares? It doesn't matter. Those are the rules of the game. That is the way the game is played. The same is true in our lives. Successful people are not ten times smarter than the people who fail. They may be fractionally better, but the reward is ten times bigger. We don't need to improve 1000% in any one area. All you need is to improve 1% in 1000 different areas, which is a lot easier. That is the winning edge!
Review: Sleeping Dogs

Review: Sleeping Dogs 
"Sleeping Dogs tells the story of detective Wei Shen, who was introduced to one of Hong Kong's Triad criminal syndicates. He will do everything possible to evade and survive, are constantly making moral choices."

 Like Darksiders 2, Sleeping dogs is a very derivative in the way it cherry-picks signature elements from some of the best-loved video game franchises . However, unlike Darksiders 2, this third-person open-world title takes these ingredients and cooks up one of the most enjoyable experiences in the genre. The game can be described as a love child of Bruce Lee and Faith (Mirror's edge) in the GTA universe. It combines free-flow hand-to-hand combat from Rocksteady Studios' Batman games with parkour from Assassin's Creed in an oriental open-world setting reminiscent of the Yakuza games. You even have a smattering of RPG elements across multiple disciplines, which give an interesting twist to the proceedings.

The plot is reminiscent of the Hong-Kong crime-thriller Infernal Affairs. You play the role of Wei-Shen - an Asian-American cop sent to infiltrate the ranks of the Sun On Yee Triad (Chinese mafia). Set in a fictional version of Hong Kong, sleeping Dogs feature unique blend of Cop and triad missions they are played out in a non-linear fashion. The game has you playing on both sides of the law. You gather evidences against the Triad as an undercover cop, while at the same time committing increasingly dastardly crimes to gain access to the Sun On Yee's inner circle. The main story missions themselves are quite cinematic and well executed.
The cops and robbers dichotomy is reflected in the game's RPG implementations, which offers just the right amount of depth. Both Police and Triad missions provide separate experience points (XP), with a discrete levelling system and unlockable abilities. Apart from these two XP systems, you can also earn Face XP by performing side quests. Face is a measure of your street creed that lets you unlock clothing, cars, and other items that boost your offensive and defensive stats.  

It's not easy task for a video game to find acceptance with casual gamers without resorting to a tie-in with either a movie or a sports franchise. It's remarkable then how open-world crime capers such as GTA, Mafia, Saints Row and Yakuza are popular with the same lot. What they lack in Hollywood or spectator-sport quotient is made up by their ability to provide an escape from mundane reality. These games let you indulge in stuff that's frowned upon in real life- activities such as beating up random people on the street, dealing drugs, driving like a complete lunatic, and murdering prostitutes. 
Sleeping Dogs is by far the most refined GTA Clone I have come across. Something tells me that its unprecedented gameplay depth will not be matched for a long time. It's not everyday that an open world game gets a second chance and the extended development time required to deliver an experience as compelling as this. If you love this genre, there's no reason why you should miss this.
Friday, 30 August 2013
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Education is a reservoir

 The whole object of education develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works. 
- Sherwood Anderson
Continuous positive education leads to positive thinking. Positive thinkers are like athletes who, through practice, build an inner reservoir of stamina that they draw on during competitions. If they don't practice, they have nothing to draw on.
Similarly, positive thinkers regularly build a reserve of positive attitudes by constantly feeding their mind on the pure, the powerful and the positive on a daily basis. They realize that we all are going to be faced with the negative and if we have the reserve of positive attitudes we will be able to overcome it; otherwise the negative will prevail.
Positive thinkers are not fools and they are not going through life with blinders. They are winners who recognize their limitation, but focus on their strengths. Losers, on the other hand, recognize their strengths but focus on their weakness. 
Thursday, 29 August 2013
Knowledge is not power

Knowledge is not power

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."
- Derek Bok

We often are told that knowledge is power. Not really. Knowledge is information. It is potential power and it becomes power only when it is acted upon.What is the difference between a person who cannot read and a person who can, but does not read? As Ben Franklin said, "Not a whole lot."
Learning is a lot like eating. It is not how much you eat matters, what matters is how much you can digest. Knowledge is potential power; wisdom is real power. Education takes many forms; it is not just grades and a degree. It is:
  • Cultivating your strength
  • Learning self discipline 
  • Listening 
  • Eagerness to learn
Our mind are like muscles, stretch or shrink, it all depends on how much or how little we exercise them.
Intelligence is a quickness to learn. Skill is an ability. Competence is the ability alongwith the willingness and desire to apply what is learned. Desire is the attitude that makes a skillful person competent. Ability without the right attitude is wasted.

"The first duty of a university is to teach wisdom, not trade; character and technicalities." 
- Winston Churchill
Relationship between Teachers and Students

Relationship between Teachers and Students

         “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”
                                                                                                  - Alexander the Great

Lord Rama was going to school for the first time, his father Dasratha told him and his sons that "Parents only create their child, like earth has created soil but teachers are like potters which mould it and give it a perfect shape and size, so always treat your teachers as you creator."
Teachers teach us discipline, what is right and what is wrong to their students. but it depends on them, the students who are going to practicalize it. If teachers were not present in this world then human beings would be like a body without soul. 
If god is the friend of us then teachers are the best friends as they teach us who or what god is.
We may learn Pythagoras Theorem on ourselves, but we can't learn to earn people's faith unless our teachers teach us. We have millions of examples in front of us Helen Keller and his teacher Anne Mansfield Sullivan. Helen in her autobiography "The story of my life" wrote that "Before teachers' arrival students are like the sea in a dense fog, when white darkness shuts you in, and the great ship gropes its way towards the shore and you wait with a beating heart for something to happen." Students are like that ship before their teacher arrives."Light! Give me light!" is the cry of every soul.
I would like to finish this with a famous quote:

"Teachers are like oceans, full of pearl but it depends on us, how we are going to search for it"    
Wednesday, 28 August 2013
Be Grateful but do not expect Gratitude

Be Grateful but do not expect Gratitude

 "Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul."
                                                                                                                           -Henry Ward Beecher

Gratitude is a beautiful word. Gratitude is a feeling. It improves our personality and builds character. Gratitude develops out of humility. It is a feeling of thankfulness towards others. It is conveyed through our attitude towards others and reflects in our behavior. Gratitude does not mean reciprocating good deeds, gratitude is not give and take. Kindness, understanding and patience cannot be repaid. What does gratitude teach us? It teaches us the art of cooperation and understanding. Gratitude must be sincere. A simple thank you can be gracious. Many times we forget to be thankful to people closest to us, such as our spouse, our relatives and our friends. Gratitude would rank among the top qualities that form the character and personality of an individual with integrity. Ego stands in the way of showing gratitude. A gracious attitude changes our outlook in life. With gratitude and humility, right actions come naturally.
Gratitude ought to be a way of life, something that we cannot give enough of. It can mean a smile, or a thank you, or a gesture of appreciation.
Think of your most precious possessions. What makes them special? In most cases, the gift is less significant than the giver. Seldom are we grateful for the things we already possess.
Think back and try to recall the people who had a positive influence on your life. Your parents, teachers, anyone who spent extra time to help you. Perhaps it appears that they just did their job. Not really.They willingly sacrificed their time, effort, money and many other things for you. They did it out of love and not for your thankfulness. At some point, a person realizes the effort that went in to help them shape their future. 
Perhaps it is not too late to thank them. 
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HOT: Toy Train in Kanpur Zoo

KANPUR: The Kanpur zoo, also known as Allen Forest will soon have a toy train in place for which railway station and tracks are being laid at the zoo. However, project will be a valuable addition to the zoo but as a cost the forest will have to suffer a huge loss of greenery.

The work for the toy train has already been commenced but for carrying out this task, over 241 green trees including 'Neem' and 'Sheesham' coming in the way of the project, will be cut down. An equal number of trees will undergo trimming causing a huge loss of green cover to Allen Forest. The wildlife and nature lovers opined that if this exercise is undertaken, the place will loose its reputation of being a jungle.
According to the reliable sources, the toy train is scheduled to start operating in the month of January, next year. The haste is therefore, to cut down the green trees at the earliest to pave way for setting up a railway station. The marking on the trees and their numbering has been done for the purpose.
Not only this, the site of the station is next to the tiger's enclosure-where tigress Trusha (Royal Bengal Tiger) and her two cubs have been kept. The enclosure of Sloth beer, which also comes under the Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 is also neraby.
The wildlife experts believe that the development of the railway station here will add to the human activities and would bring the tigers under stress. Tiger is an endangered specie coming under the Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act. Therefore, the idea of developing railway station next to tiger enclosure will not be good for the animals.
The wildlife enthusiasts opined that the zoos are set up for the purpose of public awareness and education about animals and not for earning revenue and entertainment. The toy train, which is proposed to run at the Kanpur zoo will earn revenue for the zoo but will also cause disturbance to the animals.
According to the guidelines of Central Zoo Authority (CZA), Statutory Body under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, every zoo shall endeavor to regulate the movement of visitors in the zoo in such a manner that zoo animals are not unduly disturbed, stressed or provoked.
Gita Randhawa, a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast was shocked to know that such a large number of trees will be cut down in Kanpur zoo for constructing a railway station. "If the toy train is to come up by sacrificing so many Neem and Sheesham trees, just for entertainment, then definitely, the project is not viable," said an annoyed Gita
She further added that instead the battery fitted vehicles were a better idea than running a toy train or else efforts should not be made to operate a train in zoo, at least, not at the cost of cutting green trees.

Captain Pravin Chopra, another wildlife lover was too annoyed over the fact that 241 trees were to be cut by the zoo authorities for construction of a railway station and tracks.
"No reason can justify such a large scale of masacare of trees in Allen Forest. The old trees are as valuable as gold and once cut, even the new plantation will not be able to replace them. The efforts should be made to introduce the toy train without causing any loss to the greenery of the place or it will be of no use. I believe that all Kanpur people should stand against this issue. People should welcome the toy train but not at the cost of trees," said Captain Chopra.
He further added that the entire Kanpur has turned into a concrete jungle and only the zoo pocket was left lush green. Having a variety of trees the place serves as home to so many birds including Grey Hornbills. If the trees will be cut, the number of Grey Hornbills will dwindle further, he added.
Another wildlife lover said deforestation was the main reason behind the man-animal conflict and cutting of so many trees in Kanpur zoo will be an act of deforestation.
Dr SK Paul, a renowned veterinarian of the city said trees give shade to animals and protect them against heat in summers. If the trees will be cut, the zoo inmates will not get shade and zoo authorities need to think about it.
He said that raising a tree like Neem or Sheesham was like raising a child as it takes so many years. The loss of greenery should be avoided otherwise birds will be the worst hit as they will loose their habitat.
Winning is an event; Being a winner is a spirit

Winning is an event; Being a winner is a spirit

"There are some defeats more triumphant than victories."
                                                                                                                        - Michel de Montaigne

Three people ran a marathon along with hundreds of others. None of them won the race. Does that mean that these three people were losers? Not at all. Each went into the race with different objectives. The first ran the race to test his endurance - he came out better than his expectation. The second wanted to improve on his previous performance, and he did. The third person had never run a marathon - his objective was to complete the race and he did. Each of these three entered the race with different objectives; they all met them, and they were all winners, regardless of who won the medal.
Mark Twain said, it is better to deserve an honor and not have it than to have it and not deserve it. Dignity is not in possessing but deserving.
If winning is your only objective, you may miss out on the internal rewards that come with doing something well. More important than winning is winning with honor and deserving to have won. It is better to lose honorably than to succeed dishonestly. Losing honorably may signify lack of preparation but dishonest winning signifies lack of character.
The real test of a person's character is what he would or would not do, if he knew he would not get caught. It is not worth compromising one's integrity and taking shortcuts to win. One may win a trophy but knowing the truth one can never be a happy person. More important than winning a trophy is being a good human being.
Winners live and work every day as if it were their last day because one of these days it is going to be and nobody knows which one. But when they leave, they leave as winners. 
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