Thursday, 29 August 2013

Relationship between Teachers and Students

         “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”
                                                                                                  - Alexander the Great

Lord Rama was going to school for the first time, his father Dasratha told him and his sons that "Parents only create their child, like earth has created soil but teachers are like potters which mould it and give it a perfect shape and size, so always treat your teachers as you creator."
Teachers teach us discipline, what is right and what is wrong to their students. but it depends on them, the students who are going to practicalize it. If teachers were not present in this world then human beings would be like a body without soul. 
If god is the friend of us then teachers are the best friends as they teach us who or what god is.
We may learn Pythagoras Theorem on ourselves, but we can't learn to earn people's faith unless our teachers teach us. We have millions of examples in front of us Helen Keller and his teacher Anne Mansfield Sullivan. Helen in her autobiography "The story of my life" wrote that "Before teachers' arrival students are like the sea in a dense fog, when white darkness shuts you in, and the great ship gropes its way towards the shore and you wait with a beating heart for something to happen." Students are like that ship before their teacher arrives."Light! Give me light!" is the cry of every soul.
I would like to finish this with a famous quote:

"Teachers are like oceans, full of pearl but it depends on us, how we are going to search for it"    


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