Sunday, 3 November 2013

4 Steps for Finding the Path to Fulfill Your Dreams

How do you fulfill your dreams when you don’t know where to start and worry about the time and money that it may take you?
fulfill-your-dreamsIt can sometimes feel rather overwhelming to make the type of major life changes that lead you to meet the goals you’ve always dreamed of reaching. So if you find yourself pondering that, “where do I begin?” question, try these 4 simple steps for identifying the path to fulfill your dreams without getting “off track”.


 Fulfill Your Dreams: Step One

Pretend for a moment that you have all the courage you could ever possibly want, and that money is just not an issue for you (no matter how much in reality it may be). Take a clean sheet of paper and at the top of it, list one area of your life you’d like to change. This might be something with your relationship status, career, spiritual connection, a creative endeavor, your physical condition, something environmental or anything else you choose.

Fulfill Your Dreams: Step Two

Once you’ve chosen the area you’d like to work on, draw two vertical lines down your piece of paper to divide it into thirds. On the far left side, write down what you dream this area of your life could be. Let yourself have the freedom to make the dream as far-reaching as you could want it to be. Identify your highest potential in this area of your life that you are working on right now. Let yourself be as imaginative and upbeat as possible. Then, just as you’re able to pretend you have the ultimate amount of courage, pretend that no limitations—self or otherwise— exist.

Fulfill Your Dreams: Step Three

On the extreme right side of your sheet of paper, write down a summary or list of the factors as they currently are in your life relating to each aspect of the goal you have on the left side of your sheet. In other words, what is your situation in this area of your life now? On the left side you have the ideal and on the right side you have your present situation. Make sure you thoroughly identify your status quo, even if it’s a painful prospect to acknowledge.

Fulfill Your Dreams: Step Four

Now, finally, in between what is ideal on the left and what is real on the right, find the transition factor in the middle column of your paper. What are the steps you are willing to take that can help you to shift your situation from what is now, to where you want to be? This is the path for transitioning your dream to reality. In other words, use the middle column to reconcile the right and left sides of your paper to identify that path to your ultimate goal.
If you complete this exercise, you’ll be on the right track to begin a life-changing journey inspired by your own dreams. There is never a better time than now to take any area of your life from where it is, to where it could be!


Start working to fulfill your dreams, otherwise someone else will put you in work to fulfill theirs.

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