Saturday, 12 October 2013


Every single rupee counts, especially during downturn; adopting a method to your purchasing and spending pattern could indeed help you manage your household better.
 Every household is in India is feeling the pulse of the changing economic dynamics. While investing carefully during these testing times is one aspect that every woman of a house pays utmost attention to, listing things that will make life simpler is another aspect that would ease the tension off on how money flows out of your bank account.

Here's how to avoid spending more money?
  • Buy things that you would need the most and most important, buy things that you are going to use the most.
  • Cut down on your lifestyle needs which do not come under bare necessities.
  • Plan your weekly budget instead of a monthly one. This would give somewhat clear picture of what exactly you are thinking of spending on.
  • Don't buy toiletries and groceries in bulk as you used to do. Calculate how much of each stuff you are going to need and then make purchases accordingly.
  • Similarly, avoid stocking frozen food stuff in large quantities. Ditto for vegetable shopping. Planning vegetable purchases and frozen food purchases according to one's needs on a weekly or a daily basis would not lead to wastage, especially of vegetables.
  • Think economy and don't look for exotic vegetables which cost a bomb. 
  • Reduce your spending on cosmetics that you can do away with till good time arrives.
  • Pay a careful watch on electricity consumption. Use the minimum of your microwave oven, electric rice cooker and also geyser. Refrigerator is a basic necessity, so you can't avoid that. However, you can save some units by lowering the coolness level according to the season. If the weather is pleasant and the atmosphere is cool enough, you can also do without the AC.
  • Cut short of your movie going and dining out spree. Arrange for a gourmet dinner and experience the fun of watching a movie at home with a homemade popcorn - unlimited fun and good sleep, good food and good life - that should be the priority in life, albeit with a well drafted list of dos and donts.


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