Friday, 11 October 2013

The Perfect Sofa!

Here's what you need to keep in mind when choosing one.
Sofas have always been and will be the focus of attention in living rooms, and so needs attention in both purchase and maintenance. Here's how you should go about selecting the ideal one for your home...
Size wise 
It is important to first determine the sofa dimensions that will fit into the space in your room. Before you purchase, you must know the approximate width and length of your living room or hall.
Material matters
Once you know the size, select the upholstery. Choose a fabric that best suits your lifestyle — cotton, silk, wool or a blend or synthetic leather. Silk looks beautiful and classy. Cotton is perfect but is thin and linen wrinkles quickly. Chenille and synthetic leather are both soft and durable.

Pattern policy
If you place your sofa in a high-traffic zone in your home, or you have active kids at home, then it is wise to go in for a multi-colored pattern on the upholstery or tweeds which hide stains well.

Color coded 
Color is the other important factor that is decided not only by your personal taste and preference.
Style mantra
You have to decide on the style — whether you'd want an ethnic one like a Rajasthani style or a modern style one in an abstract, eye-catching design.

Not getting these things? We will be posting the list of sofas you might like and where to buy them.


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