Monday, 7 October 2013


What is the difference between winning and being a winner? You all would be thinking that why I am making a similar post like the last time. Don't worry in this post I will be telling about some inspirational persons who did not won the race but they were winners. Being a winner is a spirit but winning is an event. Winners have kept winning in perspective based on their value system.


Lawrence Lemieux   

The Olympics is a lifetime event. Lawrence Lemieux stopped racing in an Olympic Yacht Race to help a fellow competitor who was in trouble. The whole world was watching. His priority of safety and concern for other people's lives was greater than his desire to win. Even though he had not win the race, he was a winner. He was honored by kings and queens all over the world because he kept the spirit of the Olympic alive. 

Reuben Gonzalez

Reuben Gonzales was in the final match of a racquetball tournament playing for the world title. In the final game, at match point, Gonzalez played a super shot. The referee and the linesman both confirmed that the shot was good and he was good as he was declared the winner. But Gonzalez, after a little pause and hesitation, turned back to shake his opponent's hand and said, "The shot was faulty." He lost the serve and eventually the match. Everyone was stunned. Who could imagine that a player with everything official in his favor, with winning in his pocket, would disqualify himself and lose. When asked whu he did it, Gonzalez replied, "It is the only thing to do in order to maintain my integrity." He lost the match, yet he was a winner.


A group of salespeople left town for a meeting and told their families they would be back home Friday evening for supper. But with meetings the way they are, one thing led to another and the meeting didn't end on time. They had to catch their flight back home, but arrived at the airport with oly a few minutes to spare. They ran, with tickets in hand, hoping to be able to board the plane. While running, one of them hit a table knocking over a fruit basket. The fruit scattered and lay bruised all over the floor but they didn't have time to stop. They made it to the plane just in time to board. All of them breathed a sigh of relief that they had made it, expect for one. He got up, said good-bye to his friends, and returned to the table with the fruits. What he saw made him glad that he had come bavk. Behind the table was a ten-year-old blind girl who was selling the fruits to make a living. He said, "I hope we haven't ruined your day." He pulled out ten dollars from his wallet, handed to her and said, "This will take care of the fruits" and left. The girl couldn't see what was going on; but as the footsteps faded away, she shouted from behind, "Are you God?" The salesman missed his fight but was he a winner? You bet.

One could be a winner without a winner and one can be a loser with a medal if winning is not kept in perspective.    


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